Carcross 2: Klondike

Carcross KM 106


  • Bridge construction
  • passable/caution, traffic signals, reduced speed, equipment and persons working, weight restriction
  • expect delays under 20 minutes.

  • Reduced speed limit in effect: 10km/h
  • Schedule

    2018-03-19 2020-02-14


    Activity Information

  • Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight allowed without conditions:Single-Unit Vehicle (12 tonnes), Two-Unit Vehicle (22 tonnes), Multi-Trailer Vehicle (31 tonnes).Under supervision and under the following specified travel conditions, the maximum Gross Vehicle Weight can be increased as stated below;Single-Unit Vehicle (19 tonnes), Two-Unit Vehicle (34 tonnes), Multi-Trailer Vehicle (47 tonnes)Conditions:1. Maximum Axle Weight for all vehicles;a.Single: 7 tonnesb. Tandem: 13 tonnesc. Tridem: 17 tones2. Other traffic is excluded on the bridge during the passage of the trucks3. Trucks to travel in the centre of the bridge /-600mm4. Trucks speed limited to 10 km/h5. No gear changing on the bridgeVehicles over maximum weight with above conditions must report to Weigh Station (Whitehorse 867-667-5729, Watson 867-536-7400).
  • Last Update

    Tue Jul. 03 2018 at 08:13am